Our Process for Biography Writing

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Step 1 - Decide to Purchase a Biography

Make the decision to Be Remembered, for you or as a gift to someone else.  Once you have made the decision, send us a note using the Contact Us link and we'll get started.

We will quickly contact you to discuss the timing, pricing and process steps for your biography writing.  Upon your approval, we will begin the process.

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Step 2 - The Interviews

The interview sessions allow our writers to know your life story.  Initial interviews are conducted and recorded in 1-2 hour sessions, covering specific periods of your life.  In total, we will likely conduct 10-15 interview hours during the biography writing process.

For an example, our interview questions related to your ages 20-29 period includes the questions:  What was your first job following high school or college?

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Step 3 - Writing and Reviews

Our writers build your biography using a general chronological flow, adding references for significant historical events relevant to your story.

We review each written chapter along the way, and for the finalization of your biography, we give you a last review for your final approval.  We do not print wiithout your approval.

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Step 4 - Print and Delivery of your Biography

The final and most exciting step is the delivery of your printed hardcover Biography.  You will receive 10 copies to share with family and friends.  We will also provide an electronic version .  Your Biography will become a cherished heirloom for generations to come and they will know who you were, how you lived and what you experienced.